Coaching Certification Program 
The Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification Program combines the proven tools and practices of Unbeatable Mind with powerful and effective Coaching skills to help you:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Unbeatable Mind tools and practices for your own development
  •  Be a better leader to help your people and team
  •  Be able to more effectively help friends and family
  •  Get Clients on a part-time basis
  •  Add to existing coaching skills for your coaching business
  •  Become a full time Unbeatable Mind Coach
How does the Unbeatable Mind (UM) Coaching program compare to other programs out there?
There are a lot of life coaching programs out there. We provide more support in more ways than others. 

Specifically, there are 49 videos which will show you how to coach in general - with very specific skills which have taken our faculty decades to develop - as well as how to coach the UM tools.

7 of those videos are live coaching sessions so that you can watch (again and again) so you can see specifically how to go coach. We hear from people that’s what’s missing from other programs.

You get 16 audio recordings to support you, as well as dozens of templates and articles to support both you and your clients. 

We have office hours twice a month where you can get help from our Faculty.

There is a monthly live 2 hour webinar where you and fellow Unbeatable Mind Coaches in training can get all of your questions answered, learn new concepts, and practice and get feedback on your coaching. 

You will also get enrolled in the Unbeatable Mind 12 month Foundations Program - over 10,000 people have gone through that with incredible results. 

If you want to coach as a business, there are 16 modules to help you on a number of aspects of that, from setting up a website, to enrolling clients (especially if you hate to sell), to creating social media and videos, how to talk about what you do to others, and how to create a compelling WHY to drive you to get out and serve others. 

Lastly, the tuition allows you to come to our 3 day immersive Unbeatable Mind Experience (UME), taught by Mark Divine and his senior instructor cadre held in Carlsbad, California. We will have a special session at the end of the UME just for UM Coaches and Coaches in Training.
What is the certification process?
There are 2 steps to the certification process. First, there are 16 lessons, each with a number of modules. You will have to get a passing grade on each lesson. That’s the first part. The second part is a live (in-person or via video) exam where you will be coaching someone live and get assessed. You will also be asked to respond to various questions to test your knowledge and ability of the UM material and of the coaching process. You need to pass both of those to get certified. 
What does it certify you to do?
It certifies you to coach others 1:1 and in boat crews (groups of 6 - 8) using the tools and practices of Unbeatable Mind. 
What ongoing support is there?
There are office hours, monthly webinars, and dedicated sessions for UM Coaches and Coaches in Training at our Unbeatable Mind Experience programs which we offer twice a year. 
What can I expect to make as a UM Coach?
That all depends on what you put into it. One of the modules in the Business Development section outlines all the details on what you can expect to charge as a coach for 1:1 work and Boat Crew work. You can also earn an income selling UM and SEALFIT programs and products. You could earn a six figure income. 
How long does it take to complete?
From 4 - 12 months. It is self-paced and we will be there to support you the entire time. The Unbeatable Mind on-line Foundations Course is designed to be 12 months, with one lesson a month. You can go faster if you want. The UM Coaching Program has 16 lessons, which you can again go at your own pace. 4 months is probably the quickest anyone could (or would want to) go through it because it isn’t about book knowledge or intellectually knowing something. It’s about embodying these concepts internally yourself, and then being able to serve and support someone with that knowledge so you will want to go at a pace that allows you to do that. 
Does this teach me how to coach in general or specifically UM?
Both. You will learn how to coach - including things like setting boundaries, what to do if you get triggered, how to deal with power differentials based on age, gender, and culture, how to have accountability conversations, and then coaching competencies including active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, managing progress, creating trust and so on. In addition, you will learn at a deep level the tools and practices of Unbeatable Mind. Being an Unbeatable Mind Coach is much more. 
What is the tuition?
The investment for the complete on-line UM Level 1 Coaching Program, the on-line UM 12 month Foundations Course, the 3 day Unbeatable Mind Experience, and all the office hour and monthly webinar support is $4,995 
Can I make payments?
We have payment plans of 3 monthly payments of $1,695, or 12 monthly payments of $495. 
What is the Refund/Withdrawal Policy
Upon acceptance to the program and deposit / tuition payment, withdrawal prior to the start of the program will incur a $500 fee. Once the program has begun, there are no refunds. Payment may be applied to other Unbeatable Mind / SEALFIT programs, minus the $500 fee.
Our Unbeatable Mind Coaching Faculty
Mark Divine
Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL Commander, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder / CEO of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind, founder of multiple million-dollar businesses, lifetime Martial Artist, Yoga teacher, and host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast (recently rated #1 health podcast and #30 overall on iTunes). Beyond that, he is a masterful coach and has a proven ability to inspire individuals and teams to tap into their potential, achieve 20X performance, forge deeper connection and enhance relationships, and enjoy lives of service and deeper meaning. Mark has worked with Olympic and Professional Sports teams, Fortune 500 Companies, coached and trained thousands of individuals, and has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Newsweek, Muscle&Fitness, Outside, and Fox News. 
Dr. Lara Pence
As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Pence has spent the last fifteen years working with individuals as they peel back the layers of their outer shell, cast aside the unhealthy patterns, and begin to build a new, more resilient and adventurous sense of self. Her work with professional athletes, successful business owners, and entrepreneurs has helped them move away from comparison and self-loathing and towards connection and self-investment. Dr. Pence is also the Chief Mind Doc for SPARTAN, the world’s leading endurance company, and hosts the Spartan Mind podcast. She has been featured in various publications and media outlets such as Good Morning America, the BBC, Glamour, Vogue, WebMD, Psychology Today, and The Huffington Post.
Michael Ostrolenk
As a licensed psychotherapist with post-graduate training in somatic and health psychology, and certification in and , Michael has a unique ability to help his clients see their behavior in the context of relationships, environment and culture in order to help them not only make changes in their own lives, but to understand the changes needed in their environments as well so as to effect lasting change. He creates a judgment free zone for his clients while probing deeply to create “ah-ha” moments of self-awareness. Michael has been the Master Coach/ Head Instructor at the Unbeatable Mind Academy since 2012, and is the host of The Michael Ostrolenk Podcast.   
Catherine Divine
Catherine is a gifted coach with an unequaled capacity to create a healing space while helping other dig deep inside their shadows to help illuminate it. Utilizing her unique training and abilities she has supported deep transformation and healing for her clients for the past 18 years. Since the inception of SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind and Kokoro Yoga, she has delivered customized trainings, workshops, and lectures transforming thousands of lives. Catherine is steeped in the traditional studies of yoga, somatic healing through breath, and philosophy and is the co-author of Kokoro Yoga and the soon to be released Sacred Silence.
Jim Brault
As a former Fortune 500 Chief Human Resources Officer, Jim knows first-hand the pressures and responsibilities that come with senior executive roles. For over 20 years, Jim coached C-Suite Execs on how to achieve results and have success in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. His decades of experience in martial arts, yoga, meditation and national level athletic competition allowed him to effectively coach Type A go-getters with practical guidance that worked. He became a trusted advisor to his clients because they knew he was right there in the trenches with them. Jim is the author of 4 books, including Easy Makes Us Weak: Forging Resilience, Mental Toughness and Character. 
The 16 Unbeatable Mind Coaching Lessons
  •  Lesson 1: Becoming an Unbeatable Mind Coach
  •  Lesson 2: Helping your Clients Develop their Witness
  •  Lesson 3: Helping your Clients Discover their Why
  •  Lesson 4: Privacy, Confidentiality, Culture and Diversity 
  •  Lesson 5: Coaching the Big 4 of Mental Toughness
  •  Lesson 6: Coaching Session Rituals
  •  Lesson 7: Coaching the 5 Mountains of Development
  •  Lesson 8: Coaching Presence
  •  Lesson 9: Growing as a Coach
  •  Lesson 10: Coaching and Leading in the I / We / It Spheres 
  •  Lesson 11: Process Tools to Help Your Clients 
  •  Lesson 12: Coaching the 5 Plateaus
  •  Lesson 13: our Role as Coach
  •  Lesson 14: Holding your Client Accountable
  •  Lesson 15: Ending the Client Relationship
  •  Lesson 16: Tribe, Traction and Transformation
The 12 Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course Lessons
Also included is the mandatory Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course. Since its debut in 2012, thousands of athletes, professionals, executives, special operators and even celebrities have gone through the Unbeatable Mind Online Foundation Course and have achieved life changing results. Now is your time. 
  •  Lesson 1: Win in Your Mind
  •  Lesson 2: Feed the Courage Wolf
  •  Lesson 3: Five Mountains
  •  Lesson 4: Five Plateaus
  •  Lesson 5: Coaching the Big 4 of Mental Toughness
  •  Lesson 6: Mental Mountain
  •  Lesson 7: Emotional Mountain
  •  Lesson 8: Intuitive Mountain
  •  Lesson 9: Kokoro Mountain
  •  Lesson 10: Leading the Self
  •  Lesson 11: Unbeatable Teams
  •  Lesson 12: The Way of Mastery
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