Are you Ready to Supercharge
 Your Brain, Body, and Life?
“If you think yoga is a group stretching program, or a fitness program for the ladies, then I suggest a visit to northern India to watch how yoga is practiced by the yogi warriors.” 
- Mark Divine
Why a 30 Day Challenge?
because it will help you create the habit!
Even though it can take up to 66 days for some people to create a new habit, many can form a new one in as little as 21 days. And an even greater percentage somewhere in the 21-30-day range. Many who’ve struggled to create a morning yoga and meditation routine will find out this finally does the trick. 
because you leverage
 the power of our group!
Our global community is second to none in its strength, and our strong collective energy will help inspire and drive you forward in this process. You’ll know that you’re not alone—and share in this transformational experience together.  
because accountability
is key!
Through daily messages, assignments and turning friends into “accountability buddies”—you’ll not only be inspired… you’ll also be held accountable to your stated goal of investing 15 minutes per day into your mind, body and overall well-being. 
Here is what the 30 Day Challenge Includes...
  •  Daily Practice Video
  •  Daily Email to Motivate and Guide You
  • Bonus Supplemental Videos
  •  Access to Private Facebook Group and 2 Facebook Live Sessions
  •  FREE KOKORO Yoga Water Bottle if You Complete the Challenge
  •  7 Day FREE Trial of KOKORO Yoga Online
What Is KOKORO Yoga?
Kokoro Yoga combines refined movement, breath, mantra, meditation and visualization. It draws from the authentic yoga teachings of Patanjali, ancient internal martial and healing arts, as well as emotional therapeutic techniques. Taught from a modern western context, Kokoro Yoga leaves the cultural trappings of the past to other disciplines. The path is the way with this powerful tradition... you as a practitioner will discover a deeper connection to Truth, Wisdom, and Love with each step.

Today's global culture of rapid technological change, distraction and separation requires that we step up and take a stand. KOKORO Yoga is the vital resource to re-connnect to your essential nature, and ensure the sustainability of all human-BEINGS. 

Connect to our tribe and start your transformation today. You will soon be thriving, overcoming obstacles to growth, and ending the constant struggle for meaning and survival.

What Do People Think?
"What an absolutely incredible way to start the week. Will be using this practice often. Although I have read many times now about Coach Divine first discovering this practice, it was good fun to practice along with you/him today and I felt one of those tiny, incremental breakthroughs happen." - Jason K

"I have really enjoyed this challenge as it has opened my mind, which really needed to be opened after my last deployment and command. I have gone from pessimist to optimist with a positive outlook." - Louis C

"Yoga didn’t ever sound like my thing, and if it weren’t for who is teaching it I don’t think I’d do it. Sending a BIG THANK YOU to Catherine and Mark Divine. Love what I’m learning, how I’m feeling and the way I am now challenging so many of my thoughts!" - Natasha T

"Loving this challenge more and more each day. Really into it and know for sure after 30 days that I will keep going on each and every day. This is definitely a life-changing experience for me and came along at just the right time." - Keith M
"Yes, Mark, Sign me up the 30 Day Kokoro Yoga Challenge for FREE & Send me my Water Bottle When I Finish!
        I understand I only need to invest minutes per day, for one full month - so my body, mind, and overall health can be taken to the next level. This Challenge is designed to give me momentum and create the daily habit, and the online program will pick up where it leaves off... giving me amazing new training content each week to help me continue to feel better, look younger, improve my mental and physical performance, recovery and much more!

When I answer the "secret word," in each video and complete the challenge, I will be sent a FREE KOKORO Yoga Water Bottle! 

And finally, when I complete the challenge by checking the site for at least 25 out of the 30 days I will be entered into a drawing for a free year of access to the KOKORO Yoga Online video library!
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