If you'd like to become a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach and Corporate Trainer
We're Selecting Candidates for Class 3 of our Unbeatable Mind Corporate Trainer and Coach Training Program
Let Me Show You How The Program Works
And Invite You To Apply.
At Unbeatable Mind we have a Mission to train and inspire 100 million people to be Uncommon. 
To not settle for anything less than they can be. 
To get past whatever may be holding them back. 
To forge mental toughness and physical resilience. 
To harness their potential across all 5 Mountains of development. 
To maximize their performance in all environments. 
To deeply connect with others. 
To be part of a team that truly has each other’s backs. 
To be world-centric in their perspective. 
And to serve others and make a profound difference. 

We have been using Uncommon methods and been getting extraordinary results for over 15 years. 
To borrow a phrase from the Smoke Jumper’s Creed, We do today what others won’t, so that we can do tomorrow what others can’t. 
We’ve got the training part down. 
But, my team and I can’t complete our Mission on our own. 
We need resilient, capable, and skilled Teammates to help. 
Teammates who are willing to put in the work to transform themselves and others. 
That’s why we’ve created a kick-ass training program that is everything you’d expect from Unbeatable Mind. 
Are you up for it?

Only A Handful Of People Will Make The Cut.
Here are the qualities of the men and women we’re looking for to fill Class 3. 
  • You’re a role model for mental toughness... your emotional resiliency is rock solid.
  • Your thirst for self-improvement is never quenched... complacency simply isn’t part of your world.
  • You’re driven by helping other people... this passion runs deep. When you look back on your life, it’s a theme that’s driven you from an early age. 
  • Your ethos is 100% clear... your passion and purpose are well defined.
  • Your professionalism is unwavering and your ethics are steadfast... clearly, these are non-negotiable. You’re following our policies, upholding our standards, and representing us.
  • You’ve already got some chops... a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and several accomplishments to build on.
  • You’re ready to perform not just as a coach, but as an executive... you can represent Unbeatable Mind with confidence, command, and knowledge.
Once You’re In, Here’s What You’ll Need To Do.
It’s all about walking the walk of Unbeatable Mind. You’ll need to...
  •  Be a true team player... we’re all in this together. You’re in the tribe.
  •  Be a hands-on leader who can focus on the details of execution... you’ll manage an active Five Mountain development plan for each one of your clients.
  •  Practice every day... so you are always prepared to give your best. 
And There’s Something More...
Because you’ll be part of our team, we’ll depend on you.

In your own way, we need you to help raise the Unbeatable Mind bar in the community.  
Becoming a coach does not limit you to following a blueprint, although you’ll get an incredible depth of guidance and instruction.
Joining us is about cultivating your own leadership. It’s about taking the next step to integrate Unbeatable Mind into your life.
You’ll be living the values of Unbeatable Mind, growing as you help others grow.

Here's How You'll Train.
We’ve carefully designed the program for busy people so you can easily weave the training into your schedule.

But we’re throwing a lot at you, and it’s going to be rigorous...  
  •  You’ll put in 150 hours when you’re through, including professional coach training using the ICF (International Coaching Federation) methodology. 
  •  Your training will take 9 months. Some workshops will be taught online and some will be in-person.  
  •  You’ll come train with us two times in Carlsbad, California; you’ll attend two Unbeatable Mind Experience Events (3 days each), as well an additional week of Training. 
  •  There’ll be video calls, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching with your instructors. 
  •  You’ll work directly with two volunteer clients so you can practice your actual coaching. Coaching is a distinct set of skills, and we’ll make sure you’ve got them locked in. 
And when you’ve successfully completed the program...

Here's The Business You Will Build.
Maybe you’re looking to transition out of what you’re doing right now and start with a few clients.

(If you’re developing an exit strategy from your current job, this could be an ideal fit.)

Or maybe you’re all in right now, ready to make this your full-time career.

Either way, you’re in a preferred position because the combination of the Unbeatable Mind Trainer / Coach training paired with the ICF fundamentals will offer you the flexibility to grow your career in a number of ways. 

Your capabilities aren’t limited... working with the Five Mountains, you’re addressing physical fitness, mental toughness, emotional resilience, intuitive skills, and Kokoro spirit. The skills you are helping people develop are highly sought-after. Because you’re able to integrate them, your benefits and advantages as a coach put you in a desirable competitive position.

In addition:
  •  You will be listed on our website as a Certified Coach and Trainer with your photo and bio.
  •  You will have the opportunity to work with clients at our live events.
  •  You will be supported by our marketing team to help get you client referrals.
  •  You will be given tools and knowledge to help grow your business.
  •  You will have access to our full portfolio of programs and offerings, including the power of the SEALFIT team to infuse into the training you do with organizations
….and you will be part of an elite Team with a powerful mission to elevate and serve others.
We’ve Crunched The Numbers About Your Income Potential.
Our commitment is to give you both a hard-earned certification (backed up with the credibility of ICF) along with a framework for you to use to build a business.

The numbers we’ve crunched are detailed. Here’s the short version.

Part-time, working with a few clients, you can ramp up to an annual gross income of $20,000 - $40,000 a year. With a full time client load and corporate training, you’re looking at $60,000 - $100,000+ a year.

Clearly, this is up to you. You’ll get out of this what you put into it.

Our success hinges on your success. That’s why we’re being highly selective about the people who will be in Class 3.  

Just because you send in an application doesn’t mean you’ll make the cut. 

Our Next Class Starts in July 2019.
If You’re Ready To Move Forward, Here’s What To Do
Complete an application in detail. 
Fill out the form below and we’ll review it. Within 3-5 business days, we’ll be in touch to let you know what happens next.
I know you’ve got a lot of questions and you’ll get them all answered.
It’s gratifying to know that you’ve experienced such value from Unbeatable Mind that you’re interested in becoming a certified coach.
You can make us stronger.
And together, we can reach my vision of transforming 100M people into 5th plateau World Centric Warriors
Thanks for your interest.  
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