Train To Be An Unbeatable Coach And Leader

Hi I'm Mark Divine, former Navy SEAL Commander, creator of SEALFIT, and author of the international bestsellers Unbeatable Mind, Way of the Seal, and several other top-selling personal and professional development books.
Over the last 34 years I've commanded, taught, and coached men from all walks of life. This, of course, includes Navy SEALS and other SpecOps professionals who risk their lives to defend and protect their countries. But since leaving active duty in the military, I've put just as much effort into helping coach Fortune 500 CEO's, small business owners, and thousands of men who want to get in the best physical and mental shape of their lives.

I’ve been blessed and proud to watch civilians get into literal SEAL-shape, business professionals double their earnings, and men from all paths reach their highest goals of achievement and fulfillment. These are men who can earn their highest income, run a SEAL obstacle course in record time, yet still have plenty of time for their families and personal hobbies.
Now, I want to “pass the torch.” I’m looking for men who want to be one of these winners and help other men do the same.
I’m not saying it will be easy, but you will achieve whatever you desire for yourself as long as you practice the mental, physical, and “spiritual” practices that I’ve refined over the past three decades.


From My “Crushing” Career Risk To
Mentoring SEALS, CEO’s, & True Winners

I’m always unsure how much to talk about myself when introducing an opportunity like the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification. One on hand, I do want to demonstrate that you can trust me. And on the other hand, this is ultimately not about me. It’s about you. So I’ll be brief, but make it count.
I decided at age 25 that I wanted to become a Navy SEAL. I was already well out of college, finishing up my MBA at Stern School of Business, and about to get a cushy accounting job. Not to mention, I was carrying $100,000 of student loan debt that the Navy would definitely not help with in any way. To say that most parents, friends, and advisers would try to talk someone out of this would be an understatement. But it was even more risky than that. The deadline to become a SEAL is age 28, so I’d have less than 3 years to try to get in. And it’s not like you can just try out for the SEALS, not get in, and then go back to your civilian life.

It would have been a 4 year commitment doing unrelated Navy work like driving ships or fixing submarines, all while my $100k of student loan debt would continue to pile up. Beyond this, because I would be coming in as an Officer, only about 10% of the already scarce SEAL spots would be available for me to compete for. I went for it anyway, and never looked back.
I applied for Officer Candidate’s school, went for basic training, and made the intense journey to become a SEAL before I aged out of the opportunity forever. I passed as #1 in my SEAL class and went on to a 20 year Special Operations career, retiring as Commander. 

From there, I created SEALFIT, and was commissioned by the Navy Seals to make the best of the best even better
When I had trainees under my guidance, 89% of them would pass the grueling training to become SEALS (while in general, only 10% would pass without my instruction).
The Unbeatable Mind system was born. And I realized this applied to much more than military service. In fact, when applied to men trying to be higher earners, better fathers, stellar husbands, and becoming impressively physically fit…This System works even BETTER.
Because Elite Mastery is the minimum standard for the Navy SEALS… so it barely stands out! When you apply this system to the life you have… you become leagues ahead of everyone else in your field.

Since then, I’ve consulted Harvard University, the Olympic Games, and Fortune 500 Companies like Google, Nike, Boeing, and so many other organizations.

You’ve probably seen my books on shelves…

And the SEALFIT program is now one of the top programs for getting both Spec Ops candidates and civilians into the best shape of their lives. 

I cannot stress this enough: SEALFIT even creates special forces fitness levels for busy civilians who only have the afternoon or early morning to work out. 

And at the current moment, I’m getting a PhD in Global Leadership, as I want to take these concepts all over the planet.
But that’s all I’m going to say about me for now. 

I just needed you to understand that this works, and no matter where you’re coming from it will work for you as long as you follow the steps outlined for you in this program.

Why You Must Become a Mentor
To Be a True Master

It’s an old adage that “to teach is to truly understand.” In my Karate days, I once asked my Sensei, “Do I really need to learn every move in the system?” He replied, “To fight? No. To get to the next belt? No. To teach? Absolutely.” This gave me an incredible respect for how much focus, dedication, and immense mastery my Sensei had to teach every move within Seido style Karate. All I could see was his effortless expertise… but he had clearly done amazing study, practice, and mastery to get to the level he’s at. And if you choose to become a Certified Coach of Unbeatable Mind, you will be the same way.
You won’t have the luxury of picking and choosing what works for you, like most of my students do. You will become a true master of everything I teach. And I will test you. If you do not master what’s inside, you do not pass. This is the burden and privilege of taking this one. To create the best, you must become the best. That’s why, whether you choose to be an informal mentor or a professional coach, you will be able to take a novice to superhero in so many areas:

Physical Fitness

You’ll awaken abilities in your body that you didn’t know you had… that you thought were reserved for “natural athletes” but that you now know is your birthright. You’ll be able to look at people struggling to get in shape and gently guide them into pursuing the body of their dreams.

Financial Success

You’ll see that making more money is just a result of relaxation, clear goals you believe in, and doing the work that matters when it’s time to work. It’s something that after the initial adjustment, ultimately takes less effort than what you’re doing right now. You’ll be able to help yourself and others stop stressing and start earning the pay that makes all of your dreams possible.

Physical Fitness

You’ll see how simple it is to make negative thoughts disappear, and bathe your mind in peace, positivity, and goodwill for yourself and others. You will see that true confidence, assertiveness, and charismatic inner power go hand in hand with benevolence towards others. Your friends, family, and those you coach will look to you as the example for how life should be lived.

The Crisis of Masculinity

Why Men Need Your Help

To say it’s “tough to be a man” today is an understatement.
The media is loaded with man-shaming, accusations of “toxic masculinity,” and conflicting & often hostile messages about what our place in the world should be.

Even men with very progressive ideals are starting to feel the pressure from society, as if it’s an original sin to be a man. At the same time, there are messages from unscrupulous people who advocate a narcissistic, crass, and offensive way for men to be. One that promotes ego and misogyny.
I believe there is a better option, and if you’re here with me, I am betting that you do too. It’s time to start setting an example of how a good man should be. A man who’s fully in his masculine… strong, confident, successful, reliable, and courageous. Yet also able to bring gentleness where it’s needed. I’m talking about the type of man who can make a thug walk away with one stern look… and an hour later, sweetly rock his two-year-old daughter to sleep.
The type who can take the lead in his family, and also be fully present for his wife when she needs a caring, listening ear. The man who stands up for himself with firm boundaries, yet also encourages others to succeed, instead of trying to dominate or hold them back.

If you’ve been struggling to find this balance…
you are definitely not alone.

If you’ve been struggling to find this balance… you are definitely not alone. And you will be amazed to find how this pieces together for you so easily and naturally, once you’ve fully integrated the Unbeatable Mind system into your life and are prepared to teach others.
And if you are pretty good at this balance already, you are going to become an even better role model that inspires incredible growth in your family, your company, and your community. There are probably some men in your life who have gone down the wrong path (whether too soft or too hostile.) These men will look at your way of living and say, “Wait… I want that,” and you’ll watch as others choose to become better versions of themselves.
You are literally changing the world. 

What’s Inside the Unbeatable Mind
Coaching Certification

First things first. I’m going to need you to become the absolute best YOU that you can be, before I can count on you to help train other men. That’s why the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification includes absolutely everything that I have created people to master their mind, body, and spirit. This includes:

Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course

This is the cornerstone of everything we do in the Unbeatable Mind Community. I’ve combined the secrets of Ancient Warrior Tribes with Zen Meditation, Martial Arts, Yogic Breathwork, and several other disciplines to create the ultimate system for taking full control of your being and achieving whatever you desire in life.
Includes the Following
  •  The Witness of the Mind Process to give you the power to step outside the drama and create inner peace in literally any moment.
  • ​Box Breathing Techniques to take control of your parasympathetic nervous system and literally destress at will. You’ll also gain a formidable amount of physical and mental energy by harnessing your body’s incredible ability to use oxygen for power.
  • ​The Big 4 Skills of Mental Toughness to make yourself a fortress of resilience, ready to stare the enemy in the eye and fight forward… whether it’s a job problem, an economic issue, or a flesh-and-blood opponent trying to take you down.
  • ​The Ultimate Morning Ritual for setting yourself for outrageous success for the day. You’ll feel your body coursing with power as you get fully aligned, focused, and flood your body with joyful optimism for what is to come.
  • ​How to identify your Purpose, Passions, & Principles so you can live in full integrity to yourself, and be effortlessly inspired to meet your goals every day. When you have these dialed in, “motivation” becomes a joke, because you are literally living the only way you can imagine, at this point.
  • ​Program Your Mind for Courage and Disable Your Fear Response. You’ll still have the common sense to avoid danger and needless risk, but you’ll now have the inner fortitude to move forward when it’s the right thing to do for yourself, your business, and your family.
  • ​The Evening Ritual to give you clarity, peace, and guidance right before you go to sleep. You’ll fall asleep fast, and wake up more rejuvenated and confident than you ever thought was possible.
  • ​The 5 Mountains of Development, and how to create amazing strides in your Physical, Mental, Emotional (and two more essential) areas of your life. The last two “mountains” are almost never mentioned in personal development, and can change your entire way of life. 
  • ​Discipline Beyond Belief, as you learn how to always “do the thing” and do it NOW. No more procrastination, and no more resistance. Doing your daily tasks, workouts, and project steps just become as natural as locking the door when you leave your home. 
  • ​Shadow Work for integrating your “Dark Side” and turning it into a source of strength, empathy, and inner beauty. You will learn to love every part of yourself (even the not-so-good parts!) and use it for the better.
  • ​Stress Release & Utilization Mastery to give your unbelievable control over your body and mind’s reaction to uncertainty, real & imagined threats, and difficult situations. You can literally lower your cortisol rate and raise your testosterone at will when you know this.
  • ​And much, much more!

Way of the SEAL — Full Program

This program is an expansion and deep dive in the concepts covered in my bestselling book. You will learn how to take the concepts of Unbeatable Mind and skillfully apply them to leadership and business, making you an unstoppable force in your profession.
Includes the Following
  •  The 20X Factor and how you can literally start accomplishing (and earning) 20 times as much… without necessarily having to work even an hour more each week.
  • ​Creating a Compelling Vision that carries you to your goals with pleasure. This is what will inspire you to march through the bad times and glide through the good times, as you always know what your next step is.
  • ​Micro-Goals that are easy to define and that you can get done consistently. This will boost your self-confidence in what you can get done, and get you to your endpoint stunningly fast.
  • ​Bulletproofing Your Mission so any obstacle, whether you predict it or not, simply cannot stop you. You expect the best but are prepared for the worst and even the completely unknowable. (This will seem impossible until you see how SEALS do this day in and day out)
  • ​Failure Firepower — Most people treat failure as a reason to quit, something to avoid at all costs, or at least a discouraging stumbling block. SEALS use failure as valuable leverage, essential intel, and a gift that will make you more successful than ever. Learn the hidden way this is done and your life will never be the same.
  • ​Self-Assessment for Extreme Progress — Most people have no idea how to evaluate themselves (and don’t really like others doing it for them). Here you’ll learn how to soberly and kindly assess where you are, so you can know exactly what you should work on and what realistic goals to take on. Consider this knowing where you are on the GPS map so you can program the fastest and easiest path to your destination.
  • ​And much, much more!


Every warrior needs time for rejuvenation, recovery, rest, and relaxation. This part of your training will give you the “Yin” side of your growth, which is essential to prevent burnout and keep you at your best. I’ve combined what I consider the best of meditation, visualization, yoga, tai chi, and breathwork to help you become the best you that you can be.

This isn’t “soft stuff” to skip. This element is essential to creating a mind, body, and spirit of steel that can withstand anything and crush all in your path. Remember that hardness without yielding is brittle and will break over time.
Includes the Following
  •  Custom-Made Yoga Sequences to relax your body, build flexibility & strength, and create a natural “flow” to your sense of being. These can be done for as little as a few minutes or as long as an hour. They include our Zen Warrior Sequence, Ageless Warrior Sequence (for youthfulness), Our Recovering Warrior Sequence, and many others.
  • ​Advanced Breath Work — You’ll go far beyond the standard “box breathing” I teach, and wield your breath as an incredible tool that can dictate your state at will. You’ll be able to breathe to energize, breathe to relax, breathe to fall asleep, or breathe for creativity and intuitive answers. You’ll even know how to teach breathing exercises for someone who has PTSD or needs to find forgiveness.
  • ​Enhanced Visualization — You’ll use our custom visualization processes to create your upcoming reality to be as close to “on demand” as possible. You’ll connect with your future self’s enjoyment of abundance, program your body for maximum health, tap into spiritual insight, and so much more.
  • ​Tai Chi — You’ll use this process to harness the “chi” in your body (or energy, prajna, or even just bloodflow, if you prefer). This will send healing intention across your entire body and massage your inner warrior for maximum performance and happiness.

Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification Classes

This is where you have my full attention as I take you into a crew of dedicated men, and mentor you all into becoming world-class leaders who create incredible success for yourself and everyone in your life.
Includes the Following
  • 12 Monthly Group Calls with Me — where I train you on the core essentials of leadership and directly help you through any stumbling blocks on your journey. These webinars are one-of-a-kind and will leave you with plenty to focus on all month. 
  • ​Extra Calls with My Trainers — These special coaches will keep you growing and help you through any stumbling blocks that you encounter along the way. They’re very accessible and excellent at answering questions in between the times that I’m available.
  • ​The Coaching Community — where you will interact with other men in the program. Like a true team of warriors, you will be strong for others when they need it… and know that when you need an assist, you’ll have a full squadron who has your back unconditionally. I’ve been amazed at watching teams like this bond and become close, trusted friends who look out for each other in the “real world” long after the program.
  • ​16 Modules of Training Videos — You can go through these at your convenience, but they align directly with the live calls, so you’ll want to stay on schedule if possible. This is where you’ll learn the true foundations of mentorship and how to apply everything from Unbeatable Mind to coach, train, and inspire others.
  • ​Business Development & Strategy — You’ll get top-level training from my business development coach on all the ins and outs of utilizing this Coaching Certification as a career change or career enhancement. Everything from finding clients, to marketing yourself, to building a full-time’s worth of business if you like. If “How do I get clients?” is on your mind, this is your answer.
  • ​Training Community App — You’ll access your courses with ease when you’re on the go, and instantly connect with your fellow teammates on this journey. You’ll also have access to our breathing app to practice your breath sequences any time you like.
  • ​VIP Welcome Package You will receive by mail a copy of the Unbeatable Quarterly Journal and a custom sticker for your water bottle. And if we have a live event, you’ll be given priority for seating, even if we’re close to selling out.


This is a Co-Ed Program So
Women Will Be Present

One thing I want to be very transparent on is that while I believe the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification is what men today truly need… there are also a number of women who thrive on these teachings, and they will be in the community as your teammates. 

You’ll also see some videos led by female trainers.

For most men, this will not affect their experience at all. 

I mainly bring this up because there are some male-only programs that both encourage “locker room talk” and more importantly, allow very vulnerable shares from being in an all masculine environment.

So in short… if you really need all your coaches and teammates to be male, then this is not the program for you.

However, I can completely guarantee that you’ll get absolutely everything you need as a man inside, and you’ll have the opportunity to bond with other men who can help you create the brotherhood you need.
For many years now, people from all over the world have been telling us they’d attend the Unbeatable Mind Experience in a heartbeat if we had a virtual option. 

Well, we’re finally doing it! 

And to make sure the event is accessible to our entire Unbeatable Mind Community, for people from all over the world, we decided to dramatically lower the price. 

Right now, when you take advantage of our early bird pricing, you can attend our Virtual Unbeatable Mind Experience for 80% less than previous events! 

You Will Not Find a Better Price
for My Masterwork

In the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification you’re literally getting my legacy. You’re getting the ability to integrate all of my teachings into your life… and my specialized program for training others. You’re getting direct attention from me, and access to a community of high achievers who will always have your back. You’re also getting my badge of approval to teach using the Unbeatable Mind brand and logo, which is extremely precious to me. Because of that, I could easily charge $10,000, or even $20,000 and know I’m being quite fair.

Let’s look at a quick wrap-up of 
what you’re getting.

Unbeatable Coaching Certification Course
$2499 Value
Live Access to Mark Divine
$3000 Value
Live Group Coaching with UM Coaches
$599 Value
Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course
$1500 Value
Way of the Seal Course
$299 Value
KOKORO Yoga Training
$299 Value
Extra Unannounced Bonuses
$3000 Value
This doesn’t take into account all the additional money you will make from using these principles, whether you become a practicing private coach or not! One thing I will never say is “You’ll make this all back by charging fees as a coach!”
First of all, I don’t want your ROI to be based on you having to become an “official” coach. Many people in this program plan to apply this certification & training to their existing job or business. Secondly, Unbeatable Mind only works if you make money from the principles and mastery. Yes, you can charge based on your new credibility with this certification, but the real profits come from you setting the perfect goals, marketing and selling with confidence & charisma, and being more productive than you ever thought was humanly possible. You and the people you teach will find that financial abundance is a natural after-effect of living the Unbeatable Mind principles.
Now that all being said…Though I could charge $10,000 – $20,000 for the credibility of the Unbeatable Mind brand name alone…
Your entire investment for the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification is:


Yes, only $2,499.

It’s high enough where you have to take it seriously, but low enough to 
where you can afford this if you’re truly dedicated.
To make this even more easy for you, I’m going to give you a 3-Pay Option:

3 Payments of $899

Why am I giving you a break on this?

Because for me, it’s simply not about the money. I’ve worked with huge companies who are all about the money, and to be honest, something is simply missing.
I have a mission here, which includes spreading the Unbeatable Mind system on a global level, using only qualified trainers and coaches. And for that, I need the right kind of people on board.
My calculations led me to assign $2,495 as the price for this, giving me access to the widest variety of talented committed people, while also making sure they were truly invested in the process.
But believe me, if this price changes at all, it’s only going up, so you’ll need to act right now.

Limited Time Bonus:

ALL Past Live Unbeatable
Event Recordings

I don’t do many live in-person events these days, but we’ve had some phenomenal ones in the past. Events with “hot seats,” rare one-time specialized trainings, and guests like Ben Greenfield, Jimmy Chin, Mark Sisson and many more.
Each of these recorded events could sell on their own for hundreds of dollars each. But I’ve put them all into one vault for you. However, this is probably the one time I am making this all available. These were special times, and the people who paid good money to attend these events aren’t always so hot about other people having access to them at no charge.
That’s why I’m reserving these for the future leaders of my organization like you. If you’re going to be training others in the Unbeatable Mind, it only makes sense for you to have access to everything so you can integrate it into your trainings.

But if there’s one component that could disappear in a future 
round, it’s this one, so don’t miss out.

Here's What Our Coaches Are
Saying About The Program
"The Unbeatable Mind coaching Coaching Program is by far the leading integrated development model for coaches intent on changing the world and maximizing human potential in the process.
The coaching experience is delivered via a state of the art online platform, combined with experiential-based learning and engagement with like-minded individuals. The content leverages US Navy Seal techniques combined with leading-edge development methods to unlock massive potential.
I have personally had life-changing experiences during the course that show me how exceptional results can be achieved through this model. The methods are relevant for improving organizational team performance, individual performance and our own engagement with family and friends.
I highly recommend the course and appreciate the privilege to be a part of this unique journey."
Trevor Osborn
CEO, Fifth Plateau
“There is a new level of personal awareness and growth that I have experienced by working through the online Coaching Program alongside the Unbeatable Mind Foundations Course.
This is an exceptional opportunity for growth as an individual, leader, as well as a coach in any field of life. 

This is also an exceptional opportunity to connect with and work alongside world-class coaches and likeminded individuals with a common mission for the betterment of humanity. “ 
Alice Vanderlinde
“This program provides focused readings, in-depth discussions with other members of my team, and the tools to expand on much of what I’ve previously learned. 
Also, this program is strengthening my transferable skills for assisting my clients and students to more effectively achieve their personal and professional development goals. This program is a life-changing opportunity.”
Sloane Dugan, PhD
Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary

Do Not Waste This Opportunity

These Moments Almost Never Come

At this point in my career, I’m finishing my PhD and will begin taking the Unbeatable Mind at a global scale.
Soon, I’ll no longer be available for contact for these kinds of things, except perhaps with the people who’ve already worked with me and have demonstrated that they can live and teach this message. Right now, you have the chance to create true transformation in yourself… and create deep impact in your family, your business, and your community. I can promise you that once you’ve mastered the Unbeatable Mind and have passed your certification, your life will never be the same.
Your body will be more powerful and healthy than the so-called “peak” of your youth. Your mind will be razor-sharp in willpower and decision-making ability, yet more calm and serene than ever. Your relationships will feel more inspired and you’ll love that people see you as the type of man that “we all need more of in this world.”
To get all of this at this price, especially under my direct guidance, is simply not something that will happen very often, if ever again. Do not lose out on this.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m not sure I’m ready to be a coach.
A: You’re probably right, you’re not. And that’s why this program exists.

You may need to work on yourself first, even starting from ground zero. And that’s ok. If you are starting from a relatively low point in your life, it will take you a lot longer before you can coach anyone else, so just focus on yourself for now in these trainings.
Once you’ve solidified this power and achievement yourself, you may be surprised how ready you become to help others on the same path. And don’t forget, the people who are the most valuable teachers and leaders in society often struggled finding their way, and are now amazing at helping others on their paths.
 Q: I don’t want to be one of those cheesy Life Coaches I see everywhere on social media.
A: That’s absolutely not what this program is about. This is for men who want to be leaders and achieve at their top level. You can be a personal coach, sure, but it will definitely not be the flowery cheerleader type.
Instead, you’ll be a true mentor… creating amazing change in your family, your business, and for individual clients, if you want to take that path.
Many take this program just for the pure mastery element and to be an inspiration for others.
Q: This sounds like a lot of work. Do I have to do all of it?
A: It is a lot, but it’s very doable and you can take your time as needed. If you need to take a break, that’s fine. All calls are recorded, and you can jump back in whenever you’re ready.
And you can use common sense on whether you can skip a video or training. You don’t need to do every single KOKORO Yoga sequence, for example, but you’ll probably want to try all of them at some point. You also don’t need to watch every coaching business development training if you don’t plan on being a hired coach.
However, for everything related to mindset, goal achieving, leadership, and controlling your state, I expect you to bring yourself 100%.
Q: I’m a woman. Am I allowed in this program?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we have a fair amount of women joining, and have female trainers on staff as well. I do emphasize the message to men on this particular page, because I wanted to talk about the current issues men are dealing with today. Perhaps in the future, my wife and I will prepare a page that speaks more directly to women, and what they are particularly facing in this current age. You are completely welcome, as long as you are committed to doing the work.
Q: Do I get a refund if I decide this is not for me?
A: Here’s the deal. If you’re hemming and hawing on this, then this is probably not for you. Decisiveness is one of the key factors of living with an Unbeatable Mind.
However, you may be new to my material, and I want you to feel fully comfortable that if I do not deliver, you’re not stuck.
 So I am offering an Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If this program isn’t everything I’ve described and more, then I insist you request a refund and let me know where things haven’t met your expectations. This way I can fill in any gaps for the future.

But if you click that button to enroll, you must be fully committed to making this work. This is not a “maybe” test-drive. It is a fully locked-and-loaded mission to fulfill your destiny and settle for nothing less.

Who Are You Letting Down if You Don’t Join
Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification?

This is the only time I will be a little aggressive in this message, because one thing I do not want is for you to have any regrets.
To have me hands on in a program like this is a rarity, as I won’t likely be involved in a class like this again. This means that you may find that “I’ll do this later” will turn into “I’ll do this never,” which will be a terrible shame for some people.
I ask “Who are you letting down if you don’t do this?”
If the answer is “nobody,” then you can decide to join or not. Either make your life incredibly better or keep things as they are. But it’s totally your choice.
However… if you feel called to do this… If you feel like people need you at your best…If you feel that people depend on you, look up to you, and especially if they take instruction, guidance, or inspiration from you…Then you may have to level with yourself that this is a path that you must take.
Maybe you feel like you’re a good dad and husband but want to be a phenomenal one… One that inspires other fathers you know to step up their game and raise their children with high self-esteem and high integrity.
Maybe you’re a supervisor or business leader… and you want to show your team what true purpose looks like.
And maybe you want to make a real impact in your community… and perhaps the world.
You have the chance to be a man who impacts every neighborhood you walk into. To be the man who doesn’t get rattled when people are rude… but still holds his ground, and stands up for others who can’t yet assert themselves.
You are one who inspires others to pursue their highest goals… and prove to others that hard work isn’t actually that hard if it’s aligned with true purpose.
You demonstrate to other men that true masculinity carries an unmistakable power, compassion, and control of oneself. And this helps others to awaken their own benevolent warrior inside.
If you can see yourself walking this path, then believe me… the world needs you. I can’t do this alone. But I can only work with men who truly commit to becoming the best. 

Are you with me?
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